Optima Steamer SD

Optima SD is equipped with the most heat efficient diesel boiler and generates powerful steam jet. It can be used for car wash, general cleaning, weed removal and more in mobile locations. Direct water line connection enabled by an automatic water refilling system will become handy when a continuous water source (i.e. water tab) is available on your site. It is the most popular model amongst all product lines we offer.

Product Description

Working Pressure 8.5kg/cm2 (bar) / 123psi (Max. 9.5kg/cm / 138psi)
Spraying Temperature  < 135 (< 275)
Steam Temperature  178/ Max 200 (352.4/ Max 392)
Preheating Time 3 minutes
Rated Electricity Power 290 Watts (Max.)
Voltage / Hertz 1ph 100V ~ 240V, 50 / 60Hz (Custom configuration available)
Water Tank Capacity 19 ℓ
Water Consumption Rate  300 ~ 1200cc/min (0.08 ~ 0.32gpm)
Fuel Tank Capacity 21 ℓ
Spray Gun 3-way
Net weight 105kgs
Dimension 90[L] x 53[W] x 82.2[H] cm
Standard Accessories Steam gun K26 with nozzle(2)
Steam hose 10m(2) Navy